Added some more Game Maps

I started to write up some game sessions, but couldn’t concentrate on those and talk with Charleesi at the same time (multitasking fail), so I’ve uploaded some more of the maps I’ve used in the Roll20 sessions.

Specifically I’ve put in there the Airdocks, a beach in the jungle, and the Rose Quarry ruins (which are absolutely enormous) – if you’re using the maps, have fun…

Mid-Week Grumpiness

The short sleeps and long days of the last week or so have definitely caught up with me today – not with an exhausted crash, but in a low-grade grumpiness that has dogged my efforts today. It’s not been helped by the heat and humidity, especially when that humidity turned into rain when I went for a walk to clear my head.

It’s fine, I can take a hint, no – really – don’t worry about it. Today is not to be a productive day, and that’s okay. Plenty of time for awesomeness tomorrow when I head out with Charleesi and Lady P to try and get some photos for the 150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland.

I shall endeavour to keep a lid on my grumpiness today – and shall be apologising to Lady M when I get home for being less than effusive in my happiness at her triumphant return from a boozy business lunch up in town that sounds like she’s managed to conquer half the world’s woes and frighten a load of chauvinists at the same time. I may even write in shorter sentences.

Right – I suppose I’d better get on with writing up the week before last’s Monday game…