As anyone who has ever been any type of loving relationship will tell you, sometimes you’ll get on each other’s last nerve and the anger will snap forth. Sometimes it’s someone being oblivious and wrapped up in their own head (usually me), sometimes it’s someone bottling up life’s anger and looking for a lightning bolt. Sometimes it’s a lack of communication, or it’s too much communication and you just need some time in your own head.

Arguments are normal, healthy, but still sting like antiseptic on an open wound so no wonder we all hate them, and the sometimes slow processing needed after. My post argument processing usually starts with a “well I probably deserved that” moment or three of feeling crap, followed by an evaluating “did I actually deserve that?” thought, and then either how to fix it, or make sure as best as possible not to do it again in the immediately imaginable future.

Sometimes the explosion is of the “I love you deeply, but this one element of your personality bugs the hell out of me, but don’t you dare change” variety. These are more tricky to process through as it often feels like an emotional vent to which you are then barred from responding.

I don’t know about you, but I hate those. I also try to live by the maxim of not going to bed angry, so I’m just spooling stuff out here so I can pick it over and then move on. There are a number of reasons I’m out of sorts tonight, but at least I can witter about one tonight and hopefully put it to bed before I turn in.


Your regular awesomeness will return, but please pardon tonight’s slightly insecure gibbering.