Mini Scare

For a while yesterday, I thought the dreaded cellulitis might be back. Cellulitis is an infection of the layers below your skin. I know it is serious because it’s nearly killed me once, and sent me back to hospital a few more times in the last nine years.

Yesterday, I was aching, feeling slightly heady and had a pain in my left leg. The pain was on the top of my thigh, rather than further in the inside where I normally get it, so I had my doubts, but I was still feeling rough enough to have to cancel last night’s game.

Fortunately, it hasn’t developed into the fever, and the pain has receded rather than erupt in a sharp pain and rapidly growing redness, so it was probably just tiredness, and possibly even just bruising from the weekend.

It did make me realise that Lady M hasn’t encountered this particular diabetes-related complication before as I had to explain why, if I said I needed to go to the hospital suddenly, that I wouldn’t be joking.

So, a false alarm thankfully, and back to the working routine…