Slow Down Sunday

Yesterday was pretty brutal, between having only two people working with me at the library, and a non-stop flow of hyperactive children and their harried parents. By the end of it, I was tempted to get a broom to shove people out the doors, but we managed to get closed more or less on time.

In the meantime, Lady M and the Charleesi had headed up to London to visit the pop up Magnum store in Covent Garden. Their journey home was somewhat fraught however, and a last minute request for a pick-up from Osterley was met with my less than fulsome enthusiasm. One listen to my voice had them decide to get the bus, and shortly after to invite me to dinner at the nearest restaurant in the Premier Inn down the road.

Thyme is… well it’s perfectly adequate, does nice starters and steaks, and has no pretensions to be anything its not – so for a good wind down and refuel, it’s perfect. It was lovely to just switch off after a long day, drink wine, chat, and eat food I haven’t had to cook. We reeled home and collapsed – and have had a nice slow start to today.

We had planned to have the Sunday game today, but again it’s not happened, with multiple cancellation messages all arriving about nine in the morning – so instead we’re all just hanging around, catching up on Masterchef episodes and texting back and forth with friends and family. I’m going to do some prep for tomorrow’s game, upload some more odds and ends here, and maybe even do some writing…