Blood Pressure Fluctuations

I like to think that I keep my various medical practitioners on their toes. One of the joys of diabetes is that it is, I’m told repeatedly, a progressive illness that plays havoc across all sorts of areas of my body. This week it’s the turn of my blood pressure and kidneys. I’ve been having another round of nurse check-ups and the general stress boosts that I always seem to get in medical environments.

It wasn’t helped by my having run out of Ramipril for a few days, or my being worried about work and various people, or the industrial quantities of coffee I’ve been drinking at work. All in all, I’ve been a bit saturated with stress sources, and having pneumatic sleeves wrapped around my arm didn’t do too much to help.

So, my dosage of blood pressure medication is now slightly up, and I have to go back in a few weeks for blood and urine samples to check that my kidneys haven’t just thrown their metaphorical hands up in the air. So, that happened.

On a more positive note, I did have some time off yesterday with the Charleesi and Sir S, so we went up to Covent Gardens to the pop-up Magnum Store, and from there to Forbidden Planet for an afternoon of geeky nirvana. Christmas shopping may have been started…