Taking a Deep Breath


So, another weekend, a new start to the week about to hit me. I’ve not been blogging so much because there’s been so much whirling around in my head in reaction to recent events in home and work life that I really didn’t feel able to write much that would be helpful. While I’m happy to disclose various things about aspects of my life here, there’s a difference between that and rolling around on the floor ranting. So, I’ve focused on getting my head and heart back in the same place.

Well, that’s the polished and posh way of putting it. You could also just say my heart hasn’t been in the writing. This coming week has two challenges to face though, so that’s as good a kick to the motivations as any. The plan is to start back with the Monday game this week, and I have a phone interview for a job on Wednesday. I’m not sure which I’m more worried about.

I’m still feeling a little anxious from the last few times I went job hunting, so although the job market is in theory better than a few years ago I am really struggling to be optimistic. What can I say, I’m confident on so many levels when dealing with people and situations, but belief in myself? A little more difficult. Ah well, I shall put my best foot forward. The game tomorrow? Ah, that shall be the usual chaos and mayhem no doubt. That’s easy enough to wing…

Here’s to the fresh week.