Chaos and Gameplay


Monday night gaming has officially restarted, and now I’ve a small mountain of new maps to make in my downtime – so that should keep me out of trouble. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. As with anything, the worries and anxieties around restarting it all were far worse than the actual event – which actually progressed the plot and motivations of the characters more than expected. It also featured a giant burrowing monster chasing the group through collapsing tunnels and an impromptu pub bard competition; as these things do. It did give me a good excuse to play a slightly NSFW YouTube video of the Wessex Pistols to my players as a soundtrack to that part of the game session, so I can’t complain.

I’ve also been picking through the tangled notes left over from a rather drunken phone call I received from a friend about designing a tattoo. These largely boiled down to a series of key words (presumably concepts to be represented), a very rough outline sketch that seems related to them, and a Latin phrase that appears to be based on the motto that Lady M and I used on our wedding invitations. This broadly translates to “I love you but you do sometimes irritate me”. I have texted the friend involved to see if this is something he actually wants to have done, or if sobriety and time have reasserted the status quo. Even if he doesn’t go through with it I’ll do some sketches as there’s the core of a nice idea in there somewhere. In the worse case scenario I’ll put it up here for everyone to see.

In the meantime, Charleesi is in the middle of her first week of college, and seems extremely enthusiastic about everything. She’s made a number of new friends, and I’ve been put on best behaviour to not wind her up too much about how one of those new friends is a boy and his name keeps cropping up in conversations. I may produce a bingo card of certain phrases and distribute them to friends and family to keep track.

The phone interview went, largely, well enough, but my rustiness on Project Management buzz words counted against me so we won’t be continuing the conversation in a formal setting. There was some very useful advice around structuring my CV, and about considering going back into contracting to get my feet wet again before coming back for another run. There’s an invitation to make connections on LinkedIn and various other positive noises, so it’s not as devastating as it could have been. I have some thinking to do about how to proceed from here however, especially with regard to how any changes would impact on household budgets and arrangements. I shall do my best not to brood.

Right, time to start typing up notes. Relative normality appears to be lurking on the horizon – how unusual…