Here Comes The Weekend


Apparently there was a huge outage to water supplies in our area yesterday. The only indication I had of it was a disruption to the local coffee shop when I popped in, and certainly by the time I did the washing up everything seemed back to normal. It was only when I arrived at work this morning that I found out how widespread it had been. Things had been so bad that the library had closed.

I presume this was down to there being no toilet facilities, but no one who had been working there yesterday was there today to really explain, so it just falls to my imagination to write up a story that links the two events. Eldritch horrors may be involved.

Today’s moment of chaos came in the Rhymetime that I regularly lead at the library. This is a half hour event every Friday morning that features largely traditional nursery rhymes and songs for preschool children and their parents.

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

The number of children attending has been steadily increasing over the last few months. As a result the event has been getting louder and occasionally rowdier. Fortunately a childhood spent growing up in and around churches has taught me how to project my voice effectively, so I can usually pick up and drive the room full of chattering, distracted, and excited children and adults along with me. That was really put to the test today.

I lost track at 40 people in the room. I counted numerous babies banging their heads against each other and make each other cry. At least three children had to be rescued by parents as they got trapped between shelving and the floor to ceiling windows. One child got his hands on rattles we use to let the kids make “music” and decided to fight off all-comers with them. Another decided to wait until I had multiple children trying to get cardboard cutout ducks from me to crawl over and tie my shoelaces together. (The ducks are a prop for when we sing “5 little ducks”).

As horrendous as it sounds, with the screaming and shouting and chattering parents, it all still gloriously worked. We had a room full of happy, chattering parents and children at the end of it. No one got stabbed, or set on fire, and I had thank you greetings from most of the people there as we tidied up.

I’m still glad I’m not working this weekend though.