New Game Write-Ups

StatueAt long, long last, I’ve got the Eberron game write-ups completed to date with weeks fifteen and sixteen.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, and I’m sure the group is glad to have escaped the claustrophobic ghoul warrens. There’s chaos, mayhem, death and discovery – and at last the group has some idea of the stakes involved in this adventure.

Right, I’d better get on with drawing some new maps for them to explore.

Queue Thoughts


I’ve been back to Thorpe Park today along with the Charleesi, and that has inevitably meant the occasional time spent queuing for some of the rides. For me, that’s meant ample opportunity to people watch and to try and capture some of the random bemusements that have flowed through this weird and wonderful brain of mine.

Some of those thoughts have been, admittedly, surreal: “have I ever seen a dolphin without a smile?”, for example. Others have actually been about my surroundings: ” I wonder what Swarm would be like if the direction of travel was reversed instead of just a few seats?”

Fortunately the Charleesi has a similarly inquisitive mind, and so we debated a few of these, at least in passing. The widening circles that began to appear around us were a happy side effect that made the waits less cramped. Charleesi remarked that it was nice not to have people trying to talk to her in multiple languages for once. A number of people believed her to be German while we were at Disney last month, much to her confusion. She’s usually content to quietly observe the world around her, so not being interrogated seems to be a luxury to her…

I’ve needed a day off like this more than I realised: after such a horrendous month, I’ve allowed myself today to think “well perhaps the sparkle may be coming back.” There’s hoping…