New Rotas

Another week, another Monday – oh, wait, now this is new: my library rotas have changed. Mondays are the new Wednesday and I’ve suddenly had the equivalent of a weekend, even with working on a Saturday. How very civilised…

Speaking of civilised, we even did semi-domesticated things this weekend, such as getting colour swatches for a potential repaint and decorate in the flat, and meeting friends for Sunday lunch. We even took our life in our hands and went to a pub in Twickenham during the opening weekend if the rugby World Cup. Admittedly it was the other end of Twickenham from the stadium, so was hardly overrun, but it sounded impressive and/or foolhardy for a moment, didn’t it?

It’s up there with announcing you know the lyrics to Duelling Banjos while it’s being performed; something we did the other week while down The Plough, and then went ahead and sang them. It nearly made the musicians crack up laughing, so was totally worth it.

So, a new week, new patterns, hopefully better news for those we know who have things to cope with, and hopefully better health all round. With any luck I’ll manage to stave off the worst of the grimness with humour and irreverence.

Oh, those lyrics? “Two pints of lager, and a packet of crisps!”

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