Dobby’s Job

My daughter, the formidable Charleesi, sent me a text this afternoon. In it she announced that Dobby had been given a job. This wasn’t a reference to the story today that visitors to the Harry Potter Experience in Watford have been trying to rescue the model of Dobby from the Studio, usually by giving it their socks. Instead it was confirmation that she had just been successful in getting her first Saturday job.

She will be working in a library, just like her parents. Very sensibly, it will be in a different borough to either of us, and she didn’t mention either of our jobs when she was being interviewed. That latter decision was because she didn’t want anyone thinking she was being pushed into applying.

Anyone who knows the Charleesi will recognise that she is not someone easily pushed into anything, but she didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

I’m very proud of her, and have of course warned her that we will turn up at some point and wave socks at her.

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