Ghosts of the Past


A few years back, I was extremely ill with a deep depression that had everyone very worried about me. My GP had me on very high doses of antidepressants, and a cocktail of mood stabilisers, and to be honest I really don’t remember a lot of it very clearly. I think I only really appreciated the effect they had on me as the dosage was reduced and someone said it was lovely to see the colour and brightness back in my face.

Today I was working with someone whose own medications have just been sharply increased, ostensibly to help her subdue her demons. It has been hard to see, and I have to put my hand up to say that in part that difficulty is from seeing the effects from the outside.

I know I can’t solve their problems, and I have a greater appreciation because of that of the people who stuck by me, put up with me, or even just ran a mile. What I can do is be supportive, and hope to be there as well as those who were there for me.