I’m Busy, Plotting


And it’s not just the book and the short stories (yes, that’s still happening, among all the other chaotic elements floating around my world right now) that are getting the grey cells shifting. Lady M’s birthday is imminent, and I’m attempting to make things happen to put a smile on her face. This isn’t just on general principle, but also as an antidote to what has been a fairly horrendous couple of months.

My efforts to use Facebook as an organisational tool have been mixed, so I’m returning to my tried and tested route of starting to harass and confuse people in person to make things happen. I know there will be a small hardcore group of revellers who will brave the dark evenings, but why assume anything? Lady M is so used to people not being around or available when it comes to her birthday that it is entirely possible that she will faint if I manage to get a whole room of people together to surprise her.

She knows that something is planned, but not what, if only because I’ve had to stop her making plans to go travelling around the country on various errands on dates that clash with things. The look of disquiet on her face this morning when I casually mentioned that last night’s get together down The Plough had agreed a few options was worth it’s weight in gold.

She hadn’t come along last night as she is still recovering from ailments, so she was quietly heard to mutter: “I let you out of my sight for five minutes…” with perhaps the world’s biggest grin on her face. This does bode well…

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