Guest Blogging


I don’t think I’ve guest blogged for anyone before. I have written some opinion pieces for money before now, and a few of them have even been under my own name, but it isn’t quite the same. Being asked to contribute to someone else’s journey has a certain glow to it that is both flattering and a little bit scary, so of course I’ve leapt at the chance; wouldn’t you?

I know, a guest writing slot on my wife’s new blog is hardly a journalistic apotheosis, but I’ll tell you why this is such a big deal. The TWITT project is something that is very dear to Lady M’s heart. I haven’t seen her so simultaneously excited and daunted before, and her pride in getting this project started means that she is being very careful with her brand. My being asked to contribute speaks volumes about her expectations for the piece, and I can only hope that I can do as good a job as her previous guest writer.

So, there’s an item due for publication over on Lady M’s TWITT blog tomorrow that may amuse you. In it, I chew the fat about gender norms, as you do. I hope it fits the general tone of what she’s trying to do and sparks a few knowing nods if not a measure of debate. If nothing else it’ll pass a few minutes pleasantly for you, but I’ll be interested to hear what people think.

Of course there may just be resounding indifference, that’s always an option. I hope not, for my ego’s sake, but then I’m British, and we always like to start each sentence with an apology.