Now Who’s My Wife Banging?

Another Tuesday, another night of mayhem. In this instance, after a lovely fly-by visit from Lady P, we wandered down to The Plough and settled in. It was a lot busier than usual, with several groups of people who had stopped in for meals, and so the number of people who had not encountered the live music there before was correspondingly higher. This always leads to fun and games.

One young lady, much the worse for wear after several glasses of wine, decided to join the musicians at their table to try and chat them up/make requests/sway in a seat, and not take any hints that she was getting in the way or unplugging trailing cables.

With Lady G’s beau trapped in the middle of the musicians with an increasingly bemused expression, we of course took it upon ourselves to take the mickey through the medium of interpretive dance behind her.

So, when the finale arrived: the traditional rendition of ‘Two Packs of Lager and A Packet of Crisps’ – I mean, Duelling Banjos, we were all invited closer. A spirited if less than coordinated bit of flailing around later, with Lady M and Lady G bumping hips regularly, a silence fell.

As the drunken young lady flounced off, Lady M’s voice rang across the room: “If I’ve got bruises in the morning, remind me I’ve been banging Kate.”

As you can imagine, conversations become even more ribald at that point, and we’ve never been ones to back down from innuendo and silliness.

Happy days…