Happy Birthday Lady M

We’re back home from a lightning run up and down the country to visit Lady M’s family, and it feels like we’ve been relentlessly partying before we even start today. By that I mean we feel exhausted and liable to have bits fall of at any moment. The drive up and down the M1 was notable for its roadworks and the most amazing fog that made the journey feel at times like an attempted flight from Silent Hill.

But I digress, and from the grin on her face this morning Lady M is rather enjoying levelling up today. Her presents have ranged across a whole swathe of her favourite geekdoms and some will no doubt accompany her to tonight’s visit to The Plough to be shown off. Shenanigans are bound, as they say, to ensue.

Now, we just need to shake off the migraine she’s woken up with. I’m thinking a brass band dressed in 80s neon – what’s the worst that could happen?