Mixed Emotions

There’s always a melancholy that accompanies this time of year, and especially this week, for us both. So while I’m enthusiastically cheerleading Lady M’s birthday, it is against a backdrop of personal sadness for her. In general she’s also used to people having other commitments around this time of year and so being in short supply for celebrations.

As a result she tends to not make a big thing of her birthday. With people generally in short supply, or lying low to save money for Christmas, why bother making a big deal of her celebration? It has become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy for her birthdays to be grudgingly celebrated, which is why I was determined to make more of an event this year.

People have been rallying round magnificently. We’re not long back from the pub, where Lady G’s partner serenaded us with one of his teasing masterpieces; and with Lady P in attendance for the first time in quite a while we’ve had a great evening. Lady M has been quite emotional on the way home, thankful for the love and friendship she’s experiencing this week.

Saturday will see the main celebrations, and I can’t wait to see her reaction to them. I will hopefully be also back on an upward swing after Thursday, so that I can relax into them. There will be a repeat performance of this evening’s song, so I may try and transcribe them here later.

Now to try and settle to sleep. I’ve got a head cold adding to my fragmented sleep patterns at the moment, so here’s hoping it passes soon.