It’s That Time of Year

I have a heavy head cold, which is making the act of writing somewhat difficult right now. I’ve managed to avoid the worst of the various bugs doing the rounds until now, and even managed to organise myself to get the flu jab off my own bat. Normally the diabetic nurses have to bully me and sometimes ambush me to get the needles anywhere near me, but I felt a bit proud to be able to sort it out this year.

Sod’s Law dictates that it is therefore entirely par for the course that just as I hit the dreaded anniversary I also get my sinuses locked tight and a racking chesty cough. So, not only do I not want to sleep due to horrendous anxiety, flashbacks and generalised dread, but when I do sleep I’m then waking up again because I can’t breathe. It’s exactly as fun as it sounds.

Still, I know things will get better on each front. This is after all just a cold, and one that I’m sure will soon evaporate as quickly as it arrived. As for the night terrors and general horrors, well that’s what the counselling, and support from those who love me is for – and the big party on Saturday to round off Lady M’s week is definitely something to focus on and look forward to.