House of Plague

Oh dear, I’ve given my cold to both Lady M and Lady P this week, so you can imagine how popular I am right now. The snark, between sneezes, coughs, and blown noses, has been pointed, though there have also been rueful smiles so I suspect I may be permitted to live. At least the worst of it seems to come and go quite quickly, leaving little more than the usual season sniffle on the long tail-off. At least, it does for those of us not suffering from asthma, like Lady M. I’ll just be in the dog house over here if anyone needs me.

In other news, the Monday game nights are back up and running. For those who don’t know, we play D&D online using Roll20 and Google Hangouts, so at least I can’t infect any of my players with the plague through our screens. This is probably just as well given how many of them LARP, and therefore have access to padded but still solid weapons with which to beat me. The game write-ups will return, as soon as I can get my brain in gear – assuming I don’t sneeze it out first.

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