Costume Preparations


This weekend, we’re all off to a birthday party at the other end of the country, and it’s all hands to the pumps to get costumes sorted out. As you might have worked out, we’re not the sort of people who groan when they see an invitation to dress up, but rather embrace the challenge.

Our host is the delightful Lady Pixie, owner of the Phoenixxrising store, and the general theme of the party is one of the 80s/general costumes. Well, what’s the worst that could happen? It’ll be our first big outing together, so the cries of “Road Trip!” are already filling the air.

For my costume I’ve been revisiting my Death Eater; largely because of the urbanely gothic tastes of our host. Rather than borrowing kit from people, I’ve been investing time and a little bit of money this time, and I’ll do a trial run tomorrow. A new survoat and cloak have been added to the repainted mask and of course the wands and cane. I’m aiming to be stylishly sinister, but suspect I need to tweak it for practical concerns like eating and drinking. There may even be facepainting.

Lady M is probably going as a version of Poison Ivy, and Lady P is probably going as a Disney Princess of some description, but they’re both playing their cards close to their chests – probably so I don’t blab about it here on the blog. I suspect shenanigans, and am looking forward to the mayhem.

In addition, with Friday being Lady P’s last day at the library before starting a new job at Game, I’ve been tasked by the powers that be with arranging suitable leaving presents from the library. There may have to be flowers and a parting shot to people that we’re eloping for the weekend, but probably only if it’s the right audience.

Oh well, back to the grindstone, and a prayer that the next time I look up our country isn’t bombing anyone new.