Suppose We’d Better See THAT Film

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code
Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

We’re off out tonight to see the new Star Wars film, so I won’t need to avoid spoilers any more. To be fair, it’s not been too difficult between the general cries across the internet to generally not be dicks and my avoiding most of the usual sites that would be discussing it. I also generally don’t go anywhere near Reddit (not for any particular reason, it just hasn’t really caught my imagination)

Reading that last paragraph back, you’d think I wasn’t really a huge fan – which really isn’t the case, it’s just that we’ve had so much going on that we’ve not got round to it yet. Friday we were just generally shattered from work, Saturday we were out on a pub crawl with the ex-Lady M’s brother for his birthday, and Sunday we got our wires crossed and ended up Netflixing rather than going out.

That said, on Sunday we also had the Charleesi come round for the first time in a couple of months so we’ve been hearing all about her Saturday job and her new-found appreciation of the joys of working in a customer-facing job.

So, we’re off out tonight once Lady M is home and we’ve eaten. For now, I’m sitting here and watching the Charleesi slaughter her way through Halo5 Multiplayer while we mutter about the lack of split screen. (No, we’re never not going to complain about that 343)

An Uncomfortable Night

I’ve been watching more Jessica Jones on Netflix and now I can’t sleep. It’s bringing up all sorts of ghosts and making my skin crawl, but its also a riveting drama. I just have to limit my viewings to a few episodes at a time. It just hits a bit close to home.

In the meantime I’m also worried for both Ladies M and P as they deal with various odds and ends. They’re stronger and braver than they sometimes give themselves credit for, but we can’t help worrying about the people we love can we? I can just be here as they need and let me, and try to keep my insecurities and catastrophising to an absolute minimum.

On the positive side we’ve got the Charleesi staying with us for a couple of days, so I’ll see if I can tear her away from her studies from time to time while I have a few days off…

I’ll try writing something more dryly gleeful and seasonal later, but right now it’s a bit of a struggle. Grrr and argghhhh.