At Last – A Break

And so the Holiday season has finally started – and I’ve finished my last couple of shifts at the Library. Now it’s time to relax with friends, family, and associated miscreants. Frankly, the timing couldn’t be better, giving us a chance to unwind and recharge our batteries.

Our Christmas tree is loaded with a mountain of presents for the people in our lives and our larder is reasonably well-stocked to provide for any guests. We’re very lucky, and especially with the struggles of the last few years we appreciate more than ever our ability to celebrate and share our fortune with those around us.

We’re particularly thankful, as we just learned that a good friend was badly injured in a car accident last weekend. We caught up with him today and have been greatly relieved to see him in good spirits. He may lose the sight in his left eye permanently, but the surgeons have tried some new procedures that give him the chance of at least a partial recovery. For the time being we have been making as many pirate jokes as possible to celebrate his new eye patch.

Lady M meanwhile is recovering from the effort of travelling up and down the length of the country yesterday to deliver presents and check in on her family. It’s just as well she did it then with all the traffic chaos reports currently showing in my news feeds.

In other news, Lady P is doing a charity stream on in support of NOFA – so if you get a chance to dive on, go have a look, tell them Ludd sent you 😉



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