Early Morning Phonecall


Just when you might think things couldn’t get more entertaining, you get a series of texts, and a phone call, inviting you to come see something to inspire you as a writer. The source is someone with a, let’s say “storied”, background that you’ve known for many years; so what do you do?

Well, being of nominally sound mind (stop laughing at the back there!) I asked a few questions, and a fascinating story began to unfurl that suggested all sorts of possible inspirations. If nothing else, should I need to stretch my mind’s eye for creatively trashed environments, or talk about creatively booby-trapped kitchens, well I now have ample material to work with.

For example, when the first thing you notice on arrival somewhere is a burly man single-handedly dragging a picnic bench out of his patio doors, you begin to get that prickle at the back of the neck that you’re about to see something a little out of the ordinary.

I wasn’t disappointed, if that’s necessarily the right word. I was told that an couple of squaddies had taken over the place while the owner was out for the night. In retaliation for shenanigans in times past by the house owner they had then got creative with the contents of the house.

I’ll not go into detail here, as military police turned up to force a clean up, and cart off the assorted bodies collapsed on and under various bits of furniture, but I certainly learned some interesting odds and ends that will turn up in stories and fragments. I look forward to sharing them, suitably mixed around for your entertainment…

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