The Gin Night Cometh

wpid-wp-1440716187665.jpegThe various Ladies M – former, current, and honorary – have been plotting to have a Gin Night since before Christmas. Life being life, things have got in the way until now. Deaths, illness, holidays, and now redecorations have all been endured and put to one side so that they can get together with a variety of different gins, grab some snacks, and put the world to rights.

Everyone I’ve mentioned this to seems to think that I should be terrified by the concept of these formidable women getting together and letting their hair down, but in doing so they miss a fundamental point. This is not about me. This is about their friendship, the support that they offer each other as friends, and their lives. Why on earth should I try and insert myself into the narrative?

For my part, I’ll be picking up the Charleesi, ordering some pizza, and firing up the XBox so we can play games, make sarcastic comments at each other and generally have a chilled out father-daughter night of geekery.

I may, of course, get some new “Things Lady M Says” ideas out of the whole thing – and some of them may even be repeatable in polite society. The rest will become fodder for our usual riotous evenings down The Plough on #Tuesdays.