Research and Bemusements


It’s been a busy old week between overtime and commissions. It’s not been horrific, but I do feel stretched, not least because it’s sometimes felt like I needed to be two places at once.

Still, I have posted up another mini Hidden Sunbury piece, and inadvertently inspired another longer piece in the process. Before I can divert energy to do that though, I’ve got paying work to finish. There’s always mixed emotions when that happens, guess I’m as normal as the next person on that front.

Speaking of the next person, Lady M continues to sweep all before her as she strides back into the workplace and lays down the law. She may not be feeling 100%, but there’s sparks of her healthier side when she recounts the day’s victories.

And then there’s gin night tomorrow. I expect her hangover will be truly epic, and hope the night of letting off steam with her best friends does them all good.