I Must Have A Sign On My Head

I thought I’d share something that happened today. I had to drop in to Staines earlier to pick up a pair of Doc Marten shoes that I had resoled, so decided to take the bus. This was mostly so I wouldn’t have to fight for a parking space for what would essentially be a five minute stay.

On the way, a young mum brought a push chair onboard. She got the approximately three year old toddler in it out, and ushered him to the seat beside me. The child looked at me, looked back at mum, and then at me again until I nodded. That seemed to be his cue to scramble up.

He then began to chatter away about the journey, asking questions, and generally being a fearless observer of life around him, which included who I was and what I was doing.

Well, he was so inoffensive that I couldn’t be rude and ignore him. In addition there was a thought of reassuring his mother that I wasn’t some random menace, so I mentioned the library. This led to more questions, and an impromptu selection of Rhymetime songs. Singing The Wheels On The Bus, while actually on a bus definitely counts as one of the more surreal moments of the week…