Holiday Plans

Or rather, a lack thereof, certainly for this year is exercising this bear of little brain’s mind. It’s just as well the library work is staying part time so I can keep time for myself and the writing.


It also means that finding time to help get the Charleesi to visit upcoming university open days will be a bit easier. We’ve just started to work out the next few months’ logistics and hopefully I’ll only need a few strategically placed leave requests to handle some overnight stays.

So that’s good, if mildly terrifying, to contemplate. As with most things she contemplates, there’s a certain organised inplacability about the lists of prospectuses ordered, tickets being ordered and likely grade requirements being produced in the handouts she’s producing for us mere mortals her parents…

So, probably no Disney or wild extravaganzas to be detailed here a while, but we do have some plans for Christmas 2017 that should be pretty awesome.