Retro Gaming Card-Based Simulation

Last night we finally got round to playing a game I was given for my birthday. Boss Monster has “The Dungeon Building Card Game” as its strapline, and takes its graphic style from 8-bit computer gaming. I’d heard good things about it, but we hadn’t really had time to explore it. As our hosts for the weekend are seriously into their tabletop games it seemed only fitting to bring it along with us.

We had a bit of a false start setting up – alcohol and overly complicated instructions will do that for you – but found a YouTube play tutorial that made it all a lot easier.

It’s a clever game, with some nice flourishes. Each Hero has flavour text, many of the illustrations give shouts out to famous book covers or film scenes (my favourite is a nod to the classic AD&D DM’s Guide cover), and gameplay is a lot more tactical than you might anticipate at first. This is particularly important when working out whether you want to attract marauding heroes to your Dungeon.

We played two games, with the second being much more assured and competitive, and replay value seems high. Now I’ve got the hang of the setup and play it’ll be a good go-to game to pull out with company and let the geekery flow.

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