Tricksy Tricksy Back


It’s a sunny day, the painkillers seem to be working, and there’s no food in the house that doesn’t need thorough defrosting and cooking. A walk down to the local supermarket to grab a loaf of bread, some spare paracetamol and something simple for tonight’s supper shouldn’t be too bad, right?

I am under no illusions right now that this was too much too soon. I’ve got what I needed, but the extended time on my feet – not to mention the stop-start of avoiding other people, prams, baskets, or random bits of display – has my back throbbing, and not in a fun way.

So, a quick coffee while I rest, then back to the sofa and enforced invalid mode for a bit. In case you couldn’t tell, I don’t do being ill.

The staff here at Harris and Hoole have all been very helpful though, and the cane has been it’s usual distracting conversation point, so there’s that at least.