Nothing to See Hear…

I’m still a little restrained in my ability to get around, but it’s definitely less awkward  and I’m hoping to reappear to my desperate library fandom on Saturday. No doubt I will be met by paperwork and indifference and experience plenty of opportunities to wreck my recovery all over again. Still, it’s better than being confined to the flat, engaged in stretching exercises.

Okay, I’ll admit it’s been a little easier than that – I even managed to get out to #Tuesday under my own steam, which has been a good measure of recovery. Lord S was continuing his epic exploration of different things to have with his Guinness, and this formed a major set of talking points and attempts to steal his drink. So far he’s tried his pints of Guinness with blackcurrant, a shot of gin, a glass of port, and a shot of amaretto. I’ll keep you informed of his progress and any requests for a replacement liver. If you have any suggestions for me to pass on, then either leave a comment or suggest it in person…

Following a number of conversations, I may be extending the Things Lady M says to the rather cheekier Things the Ladies M say. I’m pretty sure that puts a honking great target on the back of my head, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it when I remember to make a note of the wonderful things they all say in the heat of the moment…

Oh, and we’re up to the third bit of the Chapter Five game write-ups now with The Ruined Port – so that’s there if you fancy a look.

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