Encouraging People

wp-1462445086552.jpgAmong the wonderful things that happen in my life (whether or not I appreciate them) are the opportunities to encourage other people’s writing, or to engage in collaborations. This last week has rather unexpectedly provided two opportunities for collaboration and an unexpected person to encourage.

The latter was a person on a placement with us at the library. He’s been working with us over the last few months, and has always been reserved – in no small part due to his being on the autistic spectrum. Still we were able to help him find his comfort zones in working in a public environment and along the way we found that he is working on a novel. He was just feeling stuck on how to progress from basic narrative to flesh out descriptions. This culminated in the pair of us taking advantage of a failed IT system to discuss block-breaking techniques, and some exercises he could try to work on descriptive elements as separate bits of work divorced from his story to get used to how he could find working patterns he was happy with, and then apply the insight to his narrative pieces. We discussed competitions and places to look online and in print for advice and opportunities.

On the collaborative side, I’ve been approached by two people for feedback and input on two very different projects. Both are way outside my comfort zone and have the potential to be both fun and very different. One is to help work on a pitch for a TV show and pilot, while the other is to collaborate as an illustrator for a children’s book. They’re both in very early stages as projects, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to be part of them. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

Now, if I could just summon up some self-belief in my own work and talents… Yes, I am aware of the silliness of that comment..!