A Quietly Busy Day

We finally have hot water again, following a packed morning of helping a plumber dismantle the old leaky one, bundle it down two flights of stairs, and carry the new one back up. The old one had been failing for a while, so the sense of relief at not having to shore it up any more is gratifying.

Lady M had taken a day’s leave following her triumphant tour of the TechBritain ’16 event at Stamford Bridge. Rather than representing the company that pays her wages, she was there by invitation of the organisers under her online persona of TWITT (Today’s Women In Tomorrow’s Technology).

Lady M has been championing this event focusing on diversity and futurism in the technology sector ever since it was announced. In conjunction with the organisers she was even able to provide discount codes for attendees and has already had discussions about speaking at next year’s event. Even so, I don’t think she was prepared for the warmth of her reception there, or how many people knew her by reputation already.

Rather interestingly, there did seem to be a significant number of people who were surprised to learn that she was a women. A hefty percentage of men there had assumed that as some of her tweets and articles had a technical focus she was male. You can imagine, I’m sure, the saltily arid comments Lady M made to those individuals, let alone the smirks among those who witnessed the exchanges.

Despite fighting off a migraine, Lady M/TWITT has come away from the event inspired, confident, and clutching a handful of contact details for an impressive array of business and thought leaders in the UK technology sector and I suspect that the ripples of her actions and commentaries will continue to upset and inform a number of apple carts for some time to come.

So I think our afternoon in the pub with Lady G was a fair reward for her ongoing awesomeness, and as a celebration of the return of some basic amenities. Time for a shower I think.

The TWITT Twitter can be found @TodaysWomenInTo
Lady M’s Twitter can be found @JoLMaidment
The TWITT blog can be found at http://twittcomblog.wordpress.com

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