And Now For Something Different

(Or: Why did I swear so much in that last post?)

I did briefly consider leaving my last, emotional, blog post as the last ever entry in this site – an enduring monument to frustration that could be referenced as an impassioned reaction to whatever people wanted. However, it would be a waste of a perfectly good domain name and the money spent to maintain it. I’m also still enjoying writing too much, and the act of creating the post seems to have unblocked work on the novel too (!)

I may link back to it on occasion in future, simply because it’s hard to read it without smiling.

Those of you who only know me through this site, or possibly Twitter/Tumble/Google+ may be wondering what prompted me to write the word ‘fuck’ one thousand times beyond an expression of dismay. The simplest answer is because I joked about doing it on Facebook, and a few friends egged me on.

Sounds a bit boring with some context, doesn’t it?