On the University Open Day Trail

One of my brothers helped immeasurably last week by loaning me the use of his visitor parking permit while the Charleesi and I made a lightning visit. These last few weeks have seen the ex-Lady M and I splitting out the duties of escorting the Charleesi to a number of university open days around the country. 

Last week was Durham and Cambridge, with Exeter, York and Bristol having previously featured in what must feel like an erratically plotted band tour itinerary. We’ve collectively managed to keep our spirits up through the travel fatigue despite the best efforts of public transport, but driving to Cambridge did feel like a luxurious option, it must be said.

The Charleesi has certainly taken a lot on, and has now started to complete her UCAS form and practice her personal statements. Her tutors have been pushing her towards Oxbridge options most if the year, but I was proud to hear her put her foot down and say she wasn’t applying for anything until she’s seen it. She was heard to ruefully mutter that she’d hoped not to like Cambridge after our visit, so I think another stretch goal has been added to her personal targets this week.

At least her AS levels are complete now, so some of the pressures she’s taken on have eased for a while and she can contemplate some form of summer. Hopefully there will be some work in there so she keeps busy, but it’s nice to see the sunshine begin to reemerge from behind the clouds of stress.

So, another week; let’s see what’s in store now…

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