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Unveiling Imminent

I don’t officially start the new job until Monday, when I have an induction/official branding or something at Egham library in the afternoon. In the meantime I’ve been asked to interrupt my week off with a staff meeting at Ashford … Continue reading

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Writing Lines

I remember writing lines as a punishment at school. It didn’t happen very often, mostly because I got very good at staying within the text of the rules if not the spirit, and by not getting caught on those occasions … Continue reading

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The King of All The Emotions

The redoubtable Lady P recently made a pledge on relatively open social media that she would say three nice things about anyone she knew who Liked her post. You can, I’m sure, imagine the tidal wave of hands in the … Continue reading

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Moving On Up

A duty manager retired recently, leaving a gap in the rotation of people who look after our little cluster of libraries. After a few months of short-staffed chaos, I decided to apply for the post. I reasoned that I was … Continue reading

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How Do You Deal with Stupidity? by Tim Maidment

Originally posted on twittcomblog:
This, sadly, really is a question that Lady M seems to be asked on a frequent basis, often by work colleagues. No, really, would I lie to you? It’s obviously a joke right? I mean, at…

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Now Playing… Overwatch

I suspect that this is a game with which I will come to have a love/hate relationship, based on my first exposure to it. We’ve picked up a second hand copy from someone where Lady M works, and finally installed … Continue reading

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Why I’m Careful With Things Lady M Says

It may not always seem so, but I do every now and then check the silliness inherent in my little series of Things Lady M Says. For those new to this blog, these are little ruminations on the sometimes idiosyncratic … Continue reading

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