Moving On Up

A duty manager retired recently, leaving a gap in the rotation of people who look after our little cluster of libraries. After a few months of short-staffed chaos, I decided to apply for the post. I reasoned that I was getting tired of breaking in new managers, and if there were poor decisions to be made, it might as well be me making them.

In a surprising twist, I was successful, and we’re now in the paperwork shuffle stage of things. At some point in the next few weeks, I’ll be working at other libraries and making people realise I’m not joking when I refer to them as minions.

The announcement came during our staff meeting this week, and with the expectation of an acknowledgment upon me, the first words out of my mouth to my assembled colleagues was: “I promise to be cruel, unfair, and inventive in my rule of terror.” I figured if I was going to make breakable promises, they might as well be things that people looked forward to. The good thing is that everyone is used to my sense of humour, and so everyone laughed.

I also made people laugh during my interview. I was asked what three words my colleagues might use to describe me. I figured that as each of the people interviewing me had encountered the more acidic edge of my tongue in recent months I should include some honesty. 

“Unflappable, sarcastic, reliable” I said. Here’s hoping that doesn’t end up being my career epitaph.

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