Things I Say

It turns out that Lady M is not the only one who gets their words in a befuddle from time to time – and so in the interest of fair play I present my contribution to the sort of babbling word play that our house regularly witnesses: the bacon sausage.

Now, the more culinary inclined are probably wondering why this is odd, after all I’ve enjoyed more than a few Bacon and Maple sausages from the local supermarket. In the grand tradition of this thread however, it was a portmanteau moment.

Lady M had asked what I was going to cook for breakfast, and I started to say “bacon sandwich”, before remembering that there was also sausages and black pudding in the fridge. I’d already said bacon and my mouth shifted straight to sausage.

Lady M’s quizzical expression led me to then very quickly babble about how bacon could be in sausage, and sausage was made from different cuts of the same meat as bacon and how one could be both but the other was unlikely to be the other one.

Then we laughed, in my case for the first time in weeks, proving the dark mood was shifting at last.

Maybe you had to be there…