Back to the Scene of the Crime?

Time’s flown incredibly fast. I just realised that I’m now in the third month of this new job – and with it has come a new challenge: returning to manage the library where I was previously “just one of the guys”.

I’ve likened the experience to slipping on an old comfortable jumper in asmuch as I know where everything is and who everyone pretends to be, both as staff and customers. The very first words said to me by staff as I walked in were: “we haven’t changed anything, it’s all exactly as you left it.”

Now, I’m choosing to interpret this as their being pleased to see me, and as respect and wanting to reassure me. It almost certainly has nothing to do with the intimidating ogre image that I quietly half-joke about. It does mean is that I won’t be running to assimilate new information about the people and place I find myself in. 

What I do need to focus on instead is on consolidating the lessons I’ve already learned. It would be easy to relax at this point and assume it will all be plain sailing, but that’s dangerous. 

I have some training lined up for myself, both structured and self-driven online, and need to push staff towards training of their own in a way that balances their limited time with the fun and frolics of working with the public.

As long as I don’t fall back into interacting with people in the same old ways, but remember that this time I’m on the opposite side of the fence, then I can keep some momentum with the job and keep my interest strongly engaged.

So, a new month and a new set of challenges that aren’t what you might expect when you’re treading what looks like old ground. What’s not to like?