So, this is Christmas?

It usually takes a while for me to get into a Christmas mode; and for me, this year has felt particularly difficult to enter into any kind of festivity. There are a number of reasons for that, most of which I’ve blogged about through the year – but the general result has been a lack of the kind of organisation we’ve usually been able to muster.

The lack of that structure has left me feeling like we’re running to catch up on everything, from buying gifts, to wrapping them, and then delivering them. Then there’s the way the calendar falls. 

With Christmas falling on a weekend this year it does feel like a stealth celebration, unlike the glorious disruption of routine that accompanies a midweek calendar deadline for the season. In addition to the awfulness we’ve already had in 2016, it now feels like Christmas is a “blink and miss it” affair this year.

Or just maybe, just maybe, it’s just me. Now there’s a terrifying thought isn’t it? Because there are plenty of families who have been living and swimming in Christmas mode all month, if not longer. They wouldn’t recognise the slightly clenched teeth disconnect from it all would they? Not if their children have any say in the matter.

Perhaps it’s the prospect of the amount of travel I have ahead of me. By the time the weekend is over, I’ll have travelled up and down and across the country on a lightning tour of family. The thought of it is rather looming over me – so perhaps that’s sapping my enthusiasm – or it could just be the horrendous and lingering head and chest cold that’s bulled through our little polycule and left people groaning, coughing and sneezing all over the place.

The answer of course is “all of the above, now shut up, have a mince pie, enjoy the Christmas movie marathon, and think of all the food, drink, and company you’ve got lined up in the next week or so. Don’t forget to go to work either.”