Inspiration All Around

You might have noticed a few new stories on the blog, and these will continue to come, though I may not post absolutely everything I write under this new challenge. I am also picking back up the novel as well as other odds and ends.

This new activity is inspired, as ever, by what’s going on around me: by friends and family, by my partners and co-workers. This inspiration may not always be happy and sweetness and light though. I am still a grumpy old sod with an eye for the ridiculous in all that surrounds me, so I know that a trying work day is as rich a vein of inspiration for me as conversations in the small hours, or events seen in the street.

Today certainly seems to be inspiring the grumpier side. The details are not important, but I’m reminding myself here that I really don’t need to wind myself up about what might be, or anticipate problems I may not have to deal with.

More directly, looking after myself with proper food and drink is the immediate order of the day. The writing and silliness and joy will follow the self-care.

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