Damage Report

I was reminded yesterday that nothing in nature blooms all the time, and so shouldn’t kick myself for not being able to do so myself. It’s a lovely little reminder to accept that there are just going to be days where things aren’t fantastic and it’s okay to acknowledge it.

For the most part I would generally accept the ups and downs of my moods as part of the joys of just being me, but it seems to be particularly relevant among the cavalcade of awful news that I’m seeing every day.

For my own stability I’m finding myself having to limit how far down the rabbit hole I go each day because it is starting to feel as if the image above needs to preface each dip into the news. Frankly it’s making me angry.

Perhaps then I’m somewhat bemused by the quiet range of reactions so far to the Uncle Ranty piece a couple of days ago. There’s either been applause or stony silence – which, to be fair, I’m totally used to. 

People who’ve known me a very long time may recognise the fiery speech of Uncle Ranty from more unstable days, but rest assured he’s well on the leash as a means of both expressing anger and playing with language. It’s been fun to write like it again, so I fully expect to see more Gonzo Opinion pieces down the line.

The silence as a response to it though? Really?

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