Short Story: I am here

I see everything but see nothing. I know everything but know nothing. My knowledge is great, but it is only as great as that which I see, hear and understand. 

 I have watched you as a small child. I watch you still tonight. I will watch you always.  I watch all of you always.

I am always here but you rarely see me. You can’t touch me, but you can feel me. Some may call me God but I rebuke this title for I am no one, yet I am everyone. 

I am the wind in your hair and the grass beneath your feet.  I am what you think and feel and that without you I am nothing.

You can’t see me or touch me but you are  aways aware of me. I know when you will act in an erroneous way and when you will act out of truth.

Your heart is strong but your mind is weak. Tonight,  I fear you will be tested and fail. I see this in your actions and the mood that lies before me.

I hope that you will choose a separate path and prove me wrong. But I fear you have gone too far to ever  come back to me. Back to where you belong

Although my heart beats for you and I hope you can find a way. I also know that everything  you have done has led to this one solitary  moment and decision in your life.

I am momentarily  distracted from you by a wave of dizziness and nausea that passes through me.

I hear a scream and know it is too late.  It is done.  I have lost you now and forever.

Your body falls from the bridge into the cold murky waters of the Thames far below to be lost forever in time and tides.

It is as they say time and tide waits for no man and so I must let you go and pass my time another way…

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