Pausing A Moment

It’s been a busy week, a busy month, and nowhere is that more evident than when I look at the journaling app I’m using on my phone to log the short stories/pieces that I’ve been posting here. 

I haven’t put everything I’ve written online but not through any fear of quality or effort, because I’m largely slamming out first draft pieces or concepts. The whole point of the exercise is to rediscover the joy of writing for its own sake in a variety of styles and topics. As a consequence of that, overthinking the editorial process beyond simple spellchecks and the occasional grammar correction seems counterproductive.

The pieces I haven’t put up have tended to be more personal ones, or dabbling in erotica. Some of them may end up in the eBook I’m planning at the end of the year, but I haven’t fully decided whether to do a bulk collection of stories or a curated and slightly polished set of developments of the pieces here.

Comments, preferences and suggestions on that front are always welcome.

In any case, that’s thirty three pieces and counting. I can’t quite believe it.

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