A Little Bit of Wessex

We had a bit of an excursion yesterday evening down to the coast to see the Wessex Pistols play in Shoreham. We’ve not seen them play for a while, so as the gig was in striking distance of a few people we put a shout out to see if anyone else wanted to join in.

We didn’t really need an excuse to catch up with Mre B, but their living round the metaphorical corner was a lovely bonus, as was Lord and Lady PH’s appearance and their offer of bed and board for the night. We even had a guest appearance by the DoubleDs, who had booked the whole weekend down the road in Worthing.

We got there in time to block the band in in their van, abuse Banjo Bob on general principle, and somehow bag a parking space right outside the front door of the venue: The Duke of Wellington. It’s a lovely pub with loads of different ales and ciders on tap, and we’ll have to go back just for those at some point.

It was a lovely night, a full crowd, and given the generally precarious state of Lady M’s health at the moment it was only near the relative end of the gig that her condition made itself unbearable. Lord and Lady PH took her back to theirs while I drove Mre B back home at the end.

Today was quieter, a chance to meet the PH’s new dog, a retired greyhound, and to eat in a pub near them. All very civilised…I’ve even managed to use this afternoon to catch up on a couple of stories.

Back to the grind in the morning.

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