So Far So Good

Well – that’s the Fiction Fragments all sorted, alphabetised and stuck into two sections (A-L and M-Z) for people to have a gander at. It has been an interesting exercise over the last couple of days to juggle them all around, and in some instances correct a few spelling mistakes and grammatical issues. Most of the fragments are very much first drafts, and it shows, but its also been interesting to me to see how my writing has changed, as well as how it hasn’t

There are some longer pieces in there that are very early drafts from longer form stories and the novel – and then there are a lot that are very simply brain blurts that just needed to be recorded somewhere.

The next step is going to be repeating the process for the short pieces that I’ve been writing this year. I’m going to give them a discrete section and separate them out by months – I think – just so that screen estate isn’t swallowed up in huge drop-down lists – but I’ll adjust as we go along.

All in all its been a nice use of what has turned into a quiet weekend of battery recharging for all of us.

Short Story: Just Breathe

“Breathe in, breathe out.” The words were calm and authoritative, delivered with certainty. His eyes seemed to sparkle as she looked up at him from the couch. She did as he said, without thinking. He repeated the command, giving her time to do each action but not enough to do anything else.

The regulation of her breathing calmed the anxiety that had been threatening to break over her, pushing it back with the simple movement of her diaphragm as it pulled and pushed the precious air in and out in a more than tidal ebb and flow.

“Breathe in.” He said, and she did, relaxing her eyelids and focusing on the flow of air in her nostrils.

“Breathe out.” He said, and she released the air from her lungs and relaxed her shoulders. He didn’t give her a chance to do anything but obey the next cycle that led her deeper and quieter.

She stopped counting the cycles after a while, and started anticipating them instead; reducing her world to this moment and those words. The anxiety was gone. Certainty was here. Obeying the words brought calm, and she nodded as he said so between the words of the cycle.

She breathed in when he said, she breathed out when he said, and knew in this perfect moment that buying him that book on hypnosis had been the perfect Valentine’s gift.