Games Roundup

I get bored very easily, and am always looking for some form of mental stimulation. Alongside the reading, TV, doodling, and writing, I also throw myself into games so I like to try and do a roundup every now and then on what is keeping my attention

At the moment, the bulk of my time is being spent is on the Skyrim remaster for the XBox One, and on Fallen London on any browser I care to use.

Skyrim has always been a favourite, but Lady M ran with it when we had it in the PlayStation, demolishing it while I worked on articles. Rather than retread her adventures with it so fresh out the corner of my eye, waiting for the relaunch has allowed me to take a different approach with a controller scheme I’m more familiar with. It’s therefore a comforting mass of epic entertainment that doesn’t require too much thought.
The writing of Fallen London has always attracted me, and with both Mre B and Lady G taking up the game recently it’s been fun to re-engage with it and in a more socially-based version of play. With its slow-burn play-style it fits well around everything else I’m doing.

Other games recently started but sort of in abeyance until I cycle back round to them include Titanfall 2 and Watchdogs 2; while I still have Dishonoured 2 in its packaging, and a download of Evolve that I got free as a Gold bonus the other day. Halo5 is still regularly uploaded, and it’s been a while since I played any of Overwatch or Doom, or Fallout 4, or Witcher 3, or Forza Horizons 3. You get the idea…

Oh, and I do also work and pretend to be sociable in there somewhere too.

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