Hey, This Thing Still Works

Ah, yeah mea culpa, life’s been doing that thing it does, and run rings round me while I try to re-establish my footing. Between my brain being all over the place, a renewed momentum on writing the novel, work stress, and experimenting with other forms of social media expression I’ve not been blogging much.

You may have noticed.

I’ve been a bit sidetracked on a daily basis with the “My Day” function in Facebook Messenger, which allows me to broadcast photos in a pseudo-snapchat style to people who know me there, and write the occasional bit of nonsense on them. There’s a certain deadpan curiosity to seeing who looks at each picture as it sits there for 24 hours before evaporating into the relative ether.

It’s not particularly productive, or earthshattering, but it seems to tap that part of my brain that craves the validation of knowing something I’ve put up has been seen. It has been an interesting experience to observe and assess.

As for the novel, I’m trying to get down the key dialogue and elements of the next scenes so that I have all the final bones in place. I’m not giving myself a daily target, just that I write something so that each day gets me closer to finishing the elusive complete first draft at last.

I’m resisting doing any substantive editing until I’ve done that, following the lessons learned in Nanowrimo, and my own experience in getting too caught up in revising earlier chapters. This is the hard slog bit of writing, and I will get there.

So yeah, I’m still alive, more functional as a human than I’ve been in a while, and keeping going. Whimsicality and thoughtfulness shall continue here – I haven’t forgotten the site, merely let myself let go a bit while I get on with things.