Proud Gamer Dad

I’ve had a lovely day off today (okay, I’m unable to sleep right now so this bit isn’t so lovely, but that’s neither here nor there). It’s mostly been lovely because most of it was spent with my daughter, the Charleesi. I had a day off, and now that she has finished her A-Levels, so did she – so we planned to meet in Kingston to just… shop and wander.

And so we did. Book shops were perused, market stalls peered at, street food consumed, and together we wandered into Game and had a look for bargains. And that’s where the cherished memory was formed.

We talked about games and her preferences, and things she’d seen me play that she fancied a go at – and then she picked out something to buy. With her proof of ID in hand, she bought Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – her first 18 certificate game, and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Then we went and had a chat in a comic shop about Inhumans, new shows, and cosplay designs. 

I am a very happy geeky parent this evening

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