Little Lifts

Earlier this year I purchased a Buddybox from the Blurt Foundation as something to lift both Lady M and my spirits. It was a one-off, and I’m still undecided about subscribing for regular deliveries. They’re nice, a bit of fun, and yet there’s still that debate about whether a regular expenditure on them is something I can afford or justify.

At the same time I signed up for self-care tips and a bit of marketing – and this has turned out to be regular emails that challenge the worries and dark thoughts. I don’t read them all – sometimes I don’t even notice them in my inbox – but every now and then something nags me to take a look.

It’s a simple enough concept, and yet it’s surprisingly affecting and effective. A simple message with my name inserted in it shouldn’t make me pause, but it does, because it is unconditionally positive.

Today’s was about compliments and gifts, and daring to accept them without trying to qualify or downplay them. For many this won’t be particularly groundbreaking advice – and if you’re one of them then that’s actually great to hear. The rest of you – of us – are nodding, and cringing slightly already.

The paragraph that spoke to me particularly today was this:

DEPRESSION IS LYING TO YOU. The good stuff? It’s for you, just as much as everyone else. It’s not limited It’s not conditional You don’t have to *earn it*

Whatever depression keeps trying to say Whatever low self-worth is making you feel.

The good stuff is for you, too.

And I needed to hear that this morning. So thank you Blurt, and I’m sharing it because I think at least one person here needs to read it too.

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