Its been a bit of a week – mostly just non-stop at the library – and I’m exhausted both mentally and physically.

We’re in the middle of the Summer Reading Challenge, which encourages children to read six books over the summer. It is proving to be surprisingly tiring work, alongside the “business as usual” elements. We ask about what the children have read, give out little prizes, put on craft events, and generally smooth the way with sometimes harried-looking parents when things go wrong (like missing booklets or lost items).

It’s all done with – as best we can – a bright smile and encouragement, but it’s draining. Add to that both staff shortages (because library staff have families and need holidays too), and new people who need training on the job and it should be no wonder that I feel like I’ve been put repeatedly through the wringer.

So of course, with no reserves left, the black dog has got a good grip on me and is doing all the usual lies: that I’m boring, no fun, have no friends, and that everyone would frankly be better off without me.

And yet: I’m making kids smile, and so there’s a thing. The writing will continue, the Instagram posts will flow, the doodling will continue. I’ll post a few here perhaps so I don’t feel guilty about not updating here as much too.

Self care: I’m not very good at it, but I’ll keep at it.